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  • [ – ] Klebers parent I've gone digital since Nintendo left Brazil (physical games skyrocketed for both WiiU and 3DS) so I feel a bit sad about the small internal storage (specially now considering how much of it is used for the OS) but the fact that it is SD compatible makes it easier to swallow this bitter pill (have a 64GB sdxc waiting for it already). I'm definitely buying a Switch until the end of the year. i'm already saving money for it, but I'm waiting to see if Nintendo does come back to Brazil or not to decide if I remain a digital format only user or return to physical.
    • [ – ] hintzfaith parent you know it isn't region locked right? For the first time you're supposed to be able to get games that come out anywhere and play them on your device.
    • [ – ] Zandvid parent Nintendo : I don't beg you to buy my product. You beg me to sell my product to you at overprice rate. Nintendo fan : please master! please sell your console and games to me. You and scalper can charge me all you want. I'm so FEAR OF MISSING OUT! It sucks to be Nintendo fan.