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  • [ – ] 1minatur parent Yes 2-3x as much or more. For a laptop? Heck yeah. Mines $500, close to twice the price of the switch, and I can barely play rocket league on lowest settings. And that's not a very graphically intense game. My PC can handle it on max settings but it's about a $1200 PC, and a laptop with these specs would be even more. The switch would at least be able to run rocket League on mid to high settings, PC standards
    • [ – ] RyviusRan parent I bought a laptop off ebay around 2 years ago for 315 USD which has an intel i5 3230m and Nvidia 650m 2GB and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. That thing is more powerful than the Switch. You got ripped off on your laptop. Even new ones for around 500USD can max out Rocket League without issue if you know what to shop for.