Toren Part 6 | Lost In The Dark Abyss

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  • [ – ] Comander-O reply I feel like the devs left the lightning flash to occur for anyone who couldn't figure out to light the paper. Good thing you figured that out fairly quick or else it could of been a bit silly wandering in the dark like that.
    • [ – ] Tiddliwinks parent reply Its been about a year since I played this (still in the process of porting over some of my fav series from yt), but iirc I spent an extra 10 or so minutes wandering around lost with just the lightening to help guide me before I figured the paper thing out.
      • Comander-O parent reply Ah, so that explains the content difference between your two channels now. Well I can't wait to see what other series you have that you'll transfer here cause this one certainly has me enjoying it so far. :D
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