Joe Talks: Uni Life

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply On the subject of web design my first year at university was Computer Science. It's a lot of fun being able to create things with code. You can imagine something, translate that into code, and, bam, you've brought into reality a program. It's how I imagine a sculpter must feel when finished with a statue. Very rewarding.
    • Kualajimbo parent reply Could not agree more :) Also considering I have the artistic talents of a dead gazel this, and live action film, are really the only way I can bring a vision to life :)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply what do you use to track your anime? MAL? or ? So many people taking filmmaking in Uni! that's so cool. Well we all have those electives or general ed that noone likes to take. Good luck with uni
    • Kualajimbo parent reply Cheers! :D I use MAL, bloody great! And yeah there are a fair few people at my uni doing film, it's awesome to be in a space with like-minded people that you can collaborate with. That's part of the reason I find so appealing :)
  • iiMitor reply HTML/CSS are pretty fun to use, especially in designing a website. I dabbled a little with them, but haven't done much for a hot minute, I should get back in that sometime.... But anyway, film sounds like it could be a lotta fun, I haven't really gotten the chance to look into electives for it, but maybe I should... Definitely have some interest outta curiosity at least
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