10 Facts about gays that activists don't talk about

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  • lee69 reply you are so smart
  • justanotherfacelessname reply Finally somebody said it loud enough for it to be heard! Nearly every homosexual I was friends with lived a sad and unhealthy lifestyle in denial till they died of aids. IF only they had known the truth sooner, then maybe they would have chosen to listen with ears instead of their disease ridden genitalia. You don't have to get animalistic with everyone you like, love should be about MORE than groping eachother in Dismey lamb in front of (REAL)families and others who don't want to see that going on. 60-100 dirty sex partners a year should have you looking for another ocean, but it's probably too late if you gave all your pearls to Zionism. Another day another dollar, till the usery comes back around to finish em all.
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