No Fluff For Me! - Mario Party 6 Towering Treetop - 5 - DuoShock

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  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply You like your ladies brutal? That's kinky ;) ; JFC are you going rule 34 on peach with the balloons?XD; Poor Luigi. Everyone gets DK fun but him:(; Blow you like Kirby...nothing sexual...sure...
    • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply Everything I have said and ever will say can and will be taken sexually by both me and someone else, I guarantee it :D Whether I act like I want it or not...
      • [ – ] MaronaPossessed parent reply Haha xD by the way, the last 15 seconds of the video started going blurry. Was it the game itself?
        • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply Aaaah, well I guess now I know. -- That's for the YouTube end cards, it goes blurry so when they appear they stand out better. Never checked to see if they appear on Vidme or not since it's uploaded using YouTube's link to the video, but I have my answer now. So for YouTube, where I primarily upload, it makes sense -- here, not so much ^_^ My bad.
          • [ – ] MaronaPossessed parent reply Nah no problem. I wasn't sure if it was my end or your end...guess it's youtube's end ;p
            • WeeAddy parent reply Technically my fault, but for a justified reason methinks :P I also don't see a point in wasting anywhere from 20 min to 1hr+ to re-render an entire video just to change the outro for Vidme ^_^ Not to mention the longer upload time for uploading a video directly and not via YT.
  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply Yes my favourite series!
    • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply Would that be DuoShock or Mario Party? :P Either way, as of writing this reply, we have the rest of this game fully edited (just need to render), and 3 more episodes of Mario Sunshine (23-25) -- I really must finish uploading the rest of them here. Sorry -_-
      • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Duoshock! (Nice! I love the mario sunshine vids too!)
        • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply There's so many videos from both myself and DuoShock that I could upload here, but it'd take a long long time to do it. So I've been picking and choosing either the best series or the most recent videos. I'll try and keep it up here, but if you ever just wanna binge watch anything I do or DuoShock does, my YouTube has Playlists for every game I do, and a Playlist of EVERY DuoShock video we've made. :)
          • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Aight! Ty for letting me know. Also there is an option to let you put the url of the video and it will show it on here.
            • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply Aye, that's how I upload unless it's a brand new video that's not live on YouTube yet. But I'm almost at 700 videos :P I'll be here a while. It still takes time to upload and encode, so I need to keep watching to make sure they're uploading correctly, but also my concern is spamming uploads which then result in the multiple videos uploaded at one time not getting any views. ^_^" They don't really get views here unless I tweet at Vidme directly, cos I've tried not tweeting them (I don't want to just depend on them directly) and the videos hit 3 or 4 views, which is about the norm for me ^_^
              • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Hmm makes sense, vidme definitely needs more exposure, ive even tweeting at them talking bout u cuz i want y'all to go far and have more people see your stuff(since u can't live off of one viewer lol.)
                • [ – ] WeeAddy parent reply Haha, that's true ^_^ It's how it feels some time, I've got you here, but before I did vidme there's MexLuigi on YouTube :P Both of you are super active on my Channel and I love you both for it. ^_^ -- From my own experience, although Vidme tweet about people and retweet a lot of people, I've never had them do it for me :P I think it's harder than expected, just due to the amount of accounts. They said once they were gonna feature a video of mine, but I didn't see it featured anywhere, but for some reason the views jumped from like 8 to 1,100+ in seconds (whilst saying still only 8 people were watching) -- It's strange.
                  • [ – ] Tai_Moya parent reply Woah that is strange?! Well i ain't gonna give up tweeting to vidme every new vid of yours till they feature you or retweet you.
                    • WeeAddy parent reply We can only hope ^-^ But I also need to get lucky that people see it and decide they wanna click, and then just hope they like it. I feel like if I got a shot to have people see my stuff then they'd stick around, but exposure is the hardest part I think, specially on YouTube which is where I'm focussing harder. That's a concern of mine too is that exposure on Vidme might not help the YT side of things, as even Vidme say that they aren't competing, they're both for different purposes.
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