Hank Marvin Big Burger Biannual!

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  • [ – ] LazyCook reply I'd like to try the Australian burger, and kimchee slaw sounds very interesting.
    • [ – ] LazyCook parent reply Also Hank Marvin is Cockney rhyming slang for 'starving'. When you are Hank Marvin, you need to get your Hampstead Heath into a burger, with or without slap n tickle!
      • [ – ] tillyeats parent reply I've heard of starvin marvin but not that lol!
        • [ – ] LazyCook parent reply Rhyming slang is very much alive in London, and it gets really difficult when they only use the first word of the rhyming slang i.e. I have used 'Hampstead Heath' which is slang for teeth, but they sometimes just say 'Hamsteads' for teeth. Confused yet?
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