The Truth About The Sen. Bob Menendez Corruption Trial

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  • [ – ] The_Mobbing_Stop reply You asked me to elaborate on a comment I made in association with this video. Here's what this case points out that has similarities with other cases of government abuse, corruption or incompetence that I have learned about or have experienced myself: (1) low & mid-level talent-inversion and, thus, manipulability by managerial and party leaders; (2) the positive qualification of blackmail-ability; (3) encouragement, or path-clearing, for missteps leading to entrapment or blackmailability; (4) moats of incompetence forming moats, or a protective jelly, around managerial core groups that makes informative or corrective conversation or probing of managers/directors nearly impossible; (5) hiring professionals from other countries to provide US managers with an overly compliant, obsequious class of employee/politician willing to do..."stuff"; (6) a sort of "free market," transactional nature of other economies, and their participants, that are integrated into the (formerly) regulated, US s...moreystem that leads to...problems. A Navy Chief once told me about the inter-ship bartering that "had" to go one to get equipment that would otherwise be difficult to obtain through typical, bureaucratic, procurement protocols--but was actually, by some measure, necessary for good operation at sea. The Chief--years later meeting another former officer and trading information on the post-discharge lives of former shipmates--happened in their conversation to raise a question about one particularly adept "procurer of parts & supplies." Reporting on his present whereabouts the one conversant replied, "Remember that practice we had in the Navy of getting necessary stuff acquired? ...Well, in Kansas they call it 'Grand Larceny'." My experience with people from third-world countries is that they have a certain, more-basic ways of doing business. Here in the US we call it "corruption." There are legitimate ways of making systems work more efficiently without red-tape, and then there are abusive ways of making systems work more "efficiently," without red-tape.
  • Sledjer reply I'm not sure if it's intended for irony or not, but the bar graphs relating Saloman vs the average are way, way off visually from the numbers they represent.
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply "I have created robotic cyclops man" lololololol
  • The_Mobbing_Stop reply Stefan, Received 'Art of the Argument'. I wish this had been available, at least as a supplemental text, when I was teaching basic logic & critical thinking classes several years ago. The examples problems in available texts were uniformly--I mean that literally--written from a Leftist perspective. The Philosophy department at this university had required texts for the introductory, service courses.
  • tool4rage reply This one was especially good and needs to be shared since we know damned well the media's not going to do their job.
  • Auceza reply Unbelievable! Lefties who are also known as professional scam artists and serial liars did it again.
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