Can Photographers Monetize on Unsplash?

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Never heard of Unsplash before, but it looks like a cool site! How to monetize it? You had some decent ideas. Not sure what would work best. I've always hated ads, so I'd favor a subscription service with a fairly low monthly rate and the content creators would get a percentage based on the number of downloads. Or something. Thanks for thinking out loud with us here!
    • scottwebb parent reply Ads definitely suck. They can turn a beautiful site into hell. Native ads could work a little different, but still....who knows. I believe Unsplash could or would aim to carefully design the potential of ads into their product. Design team is simply awesome and everything is thoughtfully considered/done.
  • [ – ] alishaweis reply These are awesome ideas! If any of these ideas were used it would be a gamchanger. As a user of Unsplash photos I love the idea of branded collections and as they were updated would definitely have me going back more frequently to browse and become more involved with it.
    • scottwebb parent reply Yeah, It's different and it's seeing what brands are finding + into. But Also, maybe these are photos that the brands are using too! Plus, I'd def share if I discovered a brand added one of my photos to one of their collections fo a while. Lots of benefits would come from it.
  • [ – ] OnlyUltimate reply Good stuff!
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