Apple 2017 Keynote - Goodbye Apple

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  • ITSnippets reply Style over substance... the Apple way... but while the isheep line up for the latest DongleBook pro (with its soldered ram and SSD) they wont change... And the 'moduar mac pro'.. Read that as 'modular but with Apple propitiatory connects on everything so out 80+% mar kup on hardware can be pushed higher. But the iSheep will bleet their way to the stores.. as always...
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply The best thing about WWDC 17: I can still use my iMac w/ "High" Sierra. The Worst thing about WWDC17: I can't use my iPad with iOS 11. I'm still going back to Linux when the hardware fails on me. Good luck with your transition!
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