UnSpun 070 - Michael Cremo “Fake Archaeology 101"

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  • EyeForTruth reply Michael Cremo's research seems honest and logical, but one of his premises is incorrect: he assumes that the 'mainstream' methods for dating rocks/soil layers are accurate. Yes, if those techniques are accurate, then Cremo's conclusions would be accurate; however, there are too many 'anomalies' that and too many other superior dating methods to take the 'mainstream' ones as accurate. It is now known that giant electrical storms occurred in the past, which created new rocks and many formations that are inexplicable by anything other than electrical phenomenon. These electrical phenomena quickly create stratified rocks, but the 'mainstream' explanations require millions of years of implausible deposition. Since these stratified rocks were created relatively suddenly, then Cremo's dates for human artifacts are actually too old.
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