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  • [ – ] 5crew_It reply What ever the messege of this video was it went strait over my head
    • Tomislavr7 parent reply I think the added stuff turned out a bit too long and distracting from what ThatAnimeSnob was talking about, even though it was pretty much on topic. Here's the text version: Or you can listen to it by watching these parts of this video: Start-7:20 6:29-5:51 5:29-4:59 3:19-3:07 2:08-1:32 0:17-0:03 From how I understand it, it's basically that people like to indulge in a display of lack of talent for they also lack it, instead of seeking to improve. It is a sort of a constant hurdle which we need to cross again and again to not just be satisfied with the present in order to keep getting better. Cheers.
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply You were not talented enough to get it
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