What Is Smokin' Sessions? (Update Vlog/The Future)

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  • Rawman reply You don't eat chicken wings because you are hungry.. I know the real reason why. So do you! Lol. Eyyyyy!!! Smoking sessions sounds like a good show. I definitely would do a call in. How is it possible for you both to meet? Don't you live like 500 mins apart? Lol. Looking forward to the other future projects too, sounds good!
  • CrazyRocky reply Consider it done
  • [ – ] CryptoAndMarkets reply BTW, I consider you more a centrist than a liberal. Just food for thought, but did the podcasts nonetheless
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Well I believe less government in social issues and more government (in certain areas) in economic issues. So that's why I'm liberal, but when I rationalize my ideas I try to give them in a way that sounds centrist so that way it can be received equally by both sides and neither feel attacked. But thanks man glad u like the podcast!
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Sounds like a great show. Good for you!
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply Hey, this sounds like a cool show for sure! Jason and you definitely can make good content together from the last podcast I've listened too. I sadly don't have any recommendations for videos for you but if I have an idea I'll tell you. Other than that if you're going to protests that get a bit out of hand, try to stay safe!
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I have a really bad idea actually. If this is a studio/video podcast, both Jason and you should take 8values or a Political Compass of your choice when you run out of ideas
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