My First Gaming Video | The Journey Begins

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  • [ – ] codeTaino reply Really Juan?
  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply Awesome video, man! Something I'd suggest is the original Resident Evil, just for the scares and difficult controls. Also,, Sonic '06 is a good one to choose if you ever want to hate yourself. So yeah. Can't wait for the new stuff!
    • EpicJC parent reply Thanks for watching, bro! I NEVER played much of the first RE because of that, but for some reason didn't mind the second one. I've seen countless videos of Sonic '06 but never played it because of the terrible reception. I'll be torturing myself with a bad game every couple of videos, so I'll keep that on the list for sure.
  • Barnibals reply Juan's scared noise sounds like Mickey Mouse! xD
  • [ – ] The_Cyborg reply you would love slenderman or even 5 nightd at freddys
  • [ – ] fuzzygamer reply Hi JC. I like your video, hope to see more soon. I don't like scary games, haha!
    • EpicJC parent reply Hey Fuzzy! Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed it. The next video is an extended look at Alien and you'll definitely see me reassure everyone I just can't play horror games!
  • [ – ] bseagrist reply Congratulations to my brother! Juan sky's the limit for you sir. Can't wait to see Epic JC takeover the Vidme community. ❤👊🏻
  • [ – ] ShriekingShade reply Ooooo this looks interesting
    • EpicJC parent reply Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy the channel. I'll be shaping things up based on everyone's feedback. :)
  • [ – ] TruePrinceOfPro reply That was an insane game of Hot & Cold during Arch. Plus with the added poop. Now that's some good!!!
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