#RegressiveNews: 27th June 2017

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  • Politics_N_Games reply Offices tend to have air conditioning. Most schools probably don't. So the schools should have relaxed the rules during the hot weather.
  • JadeJicama reply That article about the raids on hate speech had a very obvious sarcastic bent... or was it just my imagination. And also... nothing about Sargon and Anita? Oh dear oh dear...
  • blazedu reply the whole uniform regime in schools IMO is unnecessary. I think students should be responsible for accommodating their clothing options for the weather and of course, having the same restrictions normal people have while going to a social event.
  • NinjaPoolboy reply I don't understand English government at all...
  • yourvagismysafespace reply They're called gym shorts for a reason. And for those who woulnt enter the suit & tie world, there are many occupations that require long pants, as well​ as long sleeves, boots & a hardhat regardless of the weather conditions, & most of the locations for such employment aren't climate controlled​. But in such a liberal society they could always claim that they're either non-binary or transgender, and as such wearing a skirt will be acceptable. This only goes to prove how soft their generation is, that they would rather dress as a girl then have their legs get a little sweaty. Sad. "& even the most uneducated blue collar worker..." Oh you mean those imbeciles who not only constructed the buildings that the mentality superior college students learn within, those cretins who keep the lights on & the water working? Or was that wording your poor attempt at saying that blue collar means not brainwashed by an SJW College faculty? There's a major difference between smarter and better e...moreducated, & it's apparent when SJW college graduates leave their 4 year daycare. Those canadian college students are lucky that they weren't incarcerated under hate crime laws. You're critiquing the German people for their government's arrests​ for hate speech, when your country does the exact same thing?
  • LheNuggetz reply yay irate buttfucker I love you, get back Dave ur thoughts are no longer entering my mind with regressive news why are we listening to this cute and cuddly soft and fluffy cynical and irate bear, have you not seen his stream clip? he told us he has downs, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that but are we sure that with him having downs he won't be telling us lies Dave doesn't want to be the one to say? XD XD XD
  • BenjiJames reply Sexy bear!!! FUCK YEAH!!! :D
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