A minute of birds making R2-D2 noises and shit

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  • [ – ] mitochondria reply Won't look like that here for another month.
    • [ – ] LeviusCarson3rd parent reply It's just good for looks, you can't do shit there since it's a wildlife zone
      • [ – ] mitochondria parent reply Well fuck, no ant hunting there then.....
        • [ – ] LeviusCarson3rd parent reply Sucks too, I have reason to believe it would be a great spot for Myrmica and some other smaller myrmicines. I've already found the entrance of an M. cf. incompleta nest under a piece of wood o the outskirts.
          • [ – ] mitochondria parent reply Damn. it would suck to find something and know you couldn't take it back, that alone would basically lead me to not want to do any kind of "looking" around, because it would just add insult to injury if you did find something rad.
            • LeviusCarson3rd parent reply That colony was close enough to the path that no one would really care, but it is quite infuriating. To be honest it's best if people weren't allowed to go there, they've proven they can't look after a natural place.
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