Geek Haul - December 26th, 2012

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  • [ – ] williamthehun reply Dude! I hit teh new button and you uploaded like 30 videos?! Why you spamming /New?
    • [ – ] TipsterGaming parent reply Not spamming. Transferring all my vids from YouTube. Been uploading to Vidme for a few months now. Love the platform so I decided to transfer over all my vids in batches of about 60 vids a day till my whole library is transferred over.
      • [ – ] williamthehun parent reply Copy that lighthouse. Just curious, not criticizing. Eff youtube. Good luck with your channel.
        • TipsterGaming parent reply I still upload to YouTube too. I have a much larger audience there than I do here. Plus, they have monetization. Something Vidme doesn't have yet. I feel like Vidme will grow faster once they add that.
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