Men Are Toxic! (ft. Sinatra_Says)

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  • Darkotic reply Brilliant, thank you Undoomed for taking it to Hope you get just as much exposure as you do on YouTube.
  • Pewdhhhhhh reply You shouldn't give this little girl any air time. In the future she will become a turncoat, when she realises the BS she spouted.
  • TreesandLeaves reply I'm not a man I am a toaster and I make dank bread
  • Cellblock776 reply This dumb cunt was so distracting with her face paint. Instead of listening to her rant I just thought about grabbing a big handful of her hair and face fucking her until her lipstick smeared around like Bozo the Clown.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is Sharia Law & How they punish gays Terrorism is under reported, because killing women in Islam is not terrorism Islam IS NOT the culture for feminism and the LGBT ( Graphic ) Sharia law punishment for woman wearing trousers
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Trudeau M-103 must be toxic women bringing in Sharia Laws to oppress Women. Toxic Feminism ISIS Burns Woman Alive For Refusing 'Extreme Sex Act' Muslim girl stoned to death Muslim Man Punches Little Girl In The Head For Not Wearing A Hijab
  • lambdog76 reply From the perspective a relativism, yes, we are toxic
  • JustABloke reply You're funny LoL really good.
  • Leadhead reply I think she's an alien, I'm sure of it. What a fucking idiot, and obviously because she was raised without a father in the house.
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