Yooka Laylee - 05 | Buddy Bap Acquired

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  • [ – ] Comander-O reply Good to hear someone is able to help you with this game. Wish I were able to help but I don't know enough about this game. Least I'm able to enjoy watching you play through this I guess for how silly this game is. :)
  • [ – ] BillMiller reply Hey, Kin! Awesome video, as always. Sent you a message a little while ago; didn't know if you received it. :)
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply I've never heard of this game. It looks interesting.
    • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply It's a throwback to old school platformers like Crash Bandicoot. It was also a rather successful Kickstarter last year. I like these types of games, just not the reading part.
      • JessicaMartwin parent reply ooooh, that's probably why I've never heard of it. it looks like a lot of fun. I love games like that. Reading in games is no fun. haha.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply It's okay.. I read like a 5 year old too XD Haha! I do that with Rawman's voice sometimes too. Whenever I complain about something in my head, my mind voice takes his voice lol Nah this isn't garbage. I couldn't tell you were sick. I know this was 2 weeks ago but I hope you're feeling better <3 I like Lady Leapalot's character design too. It's actually quite pretty compared to the rest of the pigs.
  • Rawman reply Reading in my voice yeah hahaha ok I'll try my best to take care of it.
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