Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels

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  • duffy reply speed 2: cruise control is 100% the world's worst sequel. there is no debate here.
  • FirstPersonSam reply The first transformers film was really good when it was released, but like you said since then they just haven't really changed anything! It's like the call of duty of movies πŸ˜‚
  • Phin68 reply Cars 2 deserves an honorable mention for having barely anything to do with the original.
  • bunniiBGG reply the crying guy they show every time it just makes me laugh xD
  • REJ_Productions reply The Crow City of angels Shrek 3
  • pokematic reply Call me a blasphemer, but I like Phantom Menace. I've seen it so many times I have the entire movie memorized. I even own 3 copies of it on VHS because it's the only way to get the original theatrical release. I've heard the arguments, but I don't care. You say "Jar Jar" like it's a bad thing.
  • pokematic reply So does Batman VS Superman fall under "the first wasn't good so no one was expecting anything better" or "it's technically not a sequel as the first was a Superman movie and this is a cross over?" Because I would consider it worse than both Wolverine and B&R. As bad as they were, they had some entertaining elements and weren't stupid confusing with characters completely out of character; Deadpool a side character is messed up for half his time, try the 3 MAIN characters for the entire film. Emo superman, a killing batman, and Lex Joker. Sorry, but I'll take "we sewed your mouth shut for 15 minutes" over that.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply 9. I liked the first film, too bad that the sequels felt flat and uninspired. However, I'm sick of the "that's offensive" complaints; you don't have the right not to be offended. 8. Mediocre as hell, as Em Kaah said about Arrogancy on Newgrounds. 7. Agreed. I feel sorry for Aykroid and Goodman. 6. Two Jaws films were enough. 5. Only the first two Superman films were good, though I haven't seen Supergirl yet. Reeve deserved a better film to be in, if it weren't for that accident. 4. This is on my list of films I like that everyone hates, and not in a guilty pleasure sort of way either. I thought it was better than the rest of the prequels, and would rather take Jar Jar over killer robots slipping in oil puddles or C3PO's head on a droid body. 3. As much as I agree with you, Joel Schumacher, and George Clooney; I still enjoy this in a so bad that it's good sort of way. As for Schumacher himself, he's not a bad director and I feel that this film and Batman Forever ruined his reputation, w...morehich is unfair. 2. This was several years too late, and people bitch about Phantom Menace. 1. Obvious clichΓ©. By the way, When will you upload "10 Movies I hate that everyone likes" and "10 movies I like that everyone hates"?
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Addendum: 11. Practically everyone hates this film, but I can't comment on it since I never saw it. 10. This was unnecessary.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Here's mine: Scary Movie 2 - Same as the first, but in a haunted house. Scary Movie 3-5 - David Zucker has ruined his reputation with these. MK Annihilation - Squandered potential. Shrek the Third - Unfunny and took itself too seriously, just like the past 15 years of South Park. Man of Steel - Superman and all related character felt like they were in the wrong movie. It should have been a Devilman or DBZ adaptation. Any Land Before Time sequel after the third one - They were passionless, pointless, and greedy. Any sequel to other Don Bluth films - Same. Transformers: The Movie (1986) - It's just an extended episode of the show. The Matrix Revolutions - The labor of love that was just labored. SF: Legend of Chun Li - People complain about the '94 SF movie, which while still flawed, was actually entertaining.
  • [ – ] CrazySeanDX reply Uhhh....preeetty sure Phantom Menace is a prequel, not a sequel. Also, screw you for not including Dumb And Dumber To on this list.
    • [ – ] pokematic parent reply But is it worse than dumb and dumberer? I mean, I'm basically "I like everything," and that especially true when I was younger, and I even thought dumberer was bad. The largest complaint I heard for Too was that it was too little too late (no pun intended), whereas dumberer was "take the original, get some look alikes, and insult mentally challenged people while not being funny."
  • AWorksPro reply So is he going to review the last one?
  • GamingSinceGaming reply that crying had me dying! lmao gg
  • Wulfe reply All of saw.
  • [ – ] FlashCake reply I personally think Terminator Salvation was worse than Genisys. With Genisys, it was kind of a kick in the face but it still had a similar spirit with some like-ability in some of the characters. Salvation's dialogue feels like it was lifted from every other stereotyped action movie possible with no impact with what was being said. It's was annoying more than anything.
    • FirstPersonSam parent reply I know what you mean, salvation just didn't feel like a terminator movie. Although I was kinda disappointed with genisys it did have more of a terminator feel and it did remind me of the original trio more!
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Salvation was to that series, what Revolutions was to The Matrix and Reloaded.
  • bunniiBGG reply haha i love the nostalgia critic! im so happy he's on vidme too ^^
  • AngryFanboy reply You forgot The Dark Knight Rises and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Not as bad as some of thise but definitely deserve mentions.
  • dangerman-1973 reply Jai Courtney, the man who singlehandedly destroyed the Terminator and Die Hard franchise, and almost obliterated the DCEU!
  • dangerman-1973 reply BAD BOYS II! Supes IV and B&R are too, but BBII gave me PTSD every time I watch a second of it. IMHO it marked the beginning, aside from Pearl Harbor, of my hatred of Michael Bay, long before Transformers!
  • DuesX187 reply How about those Sonic sequels lol
  • edmsquad reply Would you kindly check us out? We have some Copyright Free Music for your vids :D <3
  • Key_Westie reply Yep...JAWS 3D ruined it!!!! Why????!!!!!!!! JAWS was awesome enough....why did they have to go ruin it? :-(
  • SPIRITMANSTUDIOS reply Hey Critic.....Bat-Credit Card
  • skaterwolf41 reply A BAT CREDIT CARD!
  • TatarCast reply Troll 2 is a great film.
  • [ – ] bubbub reply This loaded so fast daamn
  • Stinger2900 reply I actually thought Terminator Genisys was great but was just a victim of bad bad baaad marketing
  • Xector reply I actually like Clerks 2. To be fair to some of the film's on this list, they could have been decent if it wasn't for studio meddling. That was the reason for the kid in Blues Brothers 2000 and part of the reason Batman and Robin and Blair Witch 2 ended up the way they did.
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