Nicole Kidman is in a Cult! ... again.

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  • jj27 reply Bullshit by rich people
  • Pewdhhhhhh reply Actually women just get crappy university degrees, such as Women studies, or BA. The other thing they get is low paying degrees like BA, nursing degrees. Also having a degree means crap all these days, many of the new high tech jobs are self taught - C, javascript, http etc - well you can save yourself a crap load of $$$ (and not have a loan hanging over your head. Also getting a job ealier means experience, and loads of people out of uni struggle because of a lack of experience.
  • CruxRiajuu reply Your voice is freaking amazing. I am looking for voice actors - is there any way I can contact you like an email or something?
  • Xexor reply They got their definition off a little: "A feminist is a man or a woman who believes in the subjugation of all men and masculinization of all women in an effort to break society." They also only describe *part* of what feminists actually want. For example, Nicole Kidman talks about "social, political, and economic equality of the sexes", but feminists always complain about not being able to do jobs that they aren't suited for. Not wanting high percentages of women as beat cops, fire fighters, soldiers, etc., has nothing to do with failing to put them on unequal social footing. By their very nature, these types of jobs are physically extremely taxing. Not even all men are suited for these roles, so why the hell would we lower standards the set workers up for failure and to put average citizens in danger b/c of unqualified workers?
  • GoMGTOW reply Let me be clear.... As far as we MGTOW are concerned, any Man who call's himself a Feminist is nothing more than a Cuck, a bitch made Simp.
  • SinKing reply In a world run by the occult shit is just going to go more insane by the day.
  • Leadhead reply That would be targeted for 2nd or 3rd world societies, not for the west. Feminism is a disease and needs to be rooted out from western culture, something neither women nor men need.
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