Kyle Cucklinski addresses London Terror Attack.

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  • Bzneb reply Fuis Cklam
  • Bzneb reply Fuck islam
  • [ – ] bluebunny27 reply good video, Bud ! (ok, as you can tell i'm just checking to see if it works when I comment ... since this is a new account !) :-)
  • tommybop13 reply Will I'll be buggered, a YouTube competitor that doesn't suck. Nice.
  • RonBumstead reply Prime Minister May says this has got nothing to fo with Islam. The Police say they are still looking for a motive. The Motive can be found in the Quran Surha 9:111 (kill and be killed... to get into Paradise )
  • antibs reply There once was a time when Kyle Kulinski was one of the most rational news commentators online - Now he's not even the most rational person at TYT Network... And the bar for rationality is pretty low over there! Great job, Joe: Keep fighting the good fight!
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