The Occult, Video 57: Soulmates, Twin Flames

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  • TheDeathAgenda reply I actually heard a story yesterday about Twin Flames that I've never heard before. It went: The first humans were androgynous. They had great powers as they were in perfect vibrational harmony with Earth and each other. The Anunnaki came to Earth and tricked them with promises of more power, wealth and good things than they had ever known if they went into one mountain, or some other, less desirable promises if they went into another. Of course, the humans chose the good stuff and went into that mountain. Here, the Anunnaki split their DNA and made them into male and female versions of themselves, and cast them out to wander the Earth. Since that life, the split souls have been searching for their other halves. All of this was done because the Anunnaki feared the humans would know what they were up to and so they had to make sure they didn't get found out. As I say, it's not a story I'd heard before and I thought it was interesting.
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