E-3 Sentry Asks if You've Tried Turning It Off And On Again

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  • [ – ] JonTheBemused reply This comment is a little late, sorry, as I watched the video earlier. That was interesting. A point of view I haven't encountered before, and thus all the more valuable for it. I am not sure I want to give my opinion, because it's not my country, and all that. I will say though, that the reason I set up Anti-Authoritarian on Minds, instead of the new Anti-SJW "Community", was because I wanted to make it clear that I am against both sides, and just as you say, see the two extremes as merely the two sides of the same coin. So absolutely no disagreement from me there. I don't know if you saw it, I actually made my own video the other day (my very first). I hope you will check it out: https://vid.me/xkkvU, if only to tell me what is wrong with it, so that I can improve. I have a question for you though, which is not as trivial as it may appear, because it is relevant to my second video. I have heard the term "Alt-Left" used by Trump and others, thus giving it tremendous prominence...more. But I have also heard the term you use: "Ctrl-Left". I understand the reason for your version, but my question is about relative merits of the two, and whether they can co-exist, or we should be settling on the use of just one of them? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that.
    • [ – ] planespeech parent reply Just watched your video, I appreciate the solid message and the genuine conviction in your words. Strong principles. Good on the scripting choice. I should do more scripting. My latest videos have started off as half an hour of me talking into the microphone, cutting out the parts that don't make sense, and then possibly a rerecord for a more coherent flow. But I have some partially-written scripts as well that I may or may not ever record. Perhaps they'll end up released as essays. I used Ctrl-Left rather than Alt-Left because Alt-Left feels like a cheap copy of the Alt-Right label, used primarily to appeal to the ego of those who want to argue equivalence. Control-Left, at least to me, reflects the intended inversion and "opposition" status the two claim for each other, combined with the authoritarian nature of these groups as a direct jab at many of their claims to be "anarcho-" anything. The Alt-Right may be authoritarian, but they don't claim to be anarchists of any strip...moree, even if they try to abuse the concepts of libertarianism which make their activities possible. Meanwhile, Ctrl-Left remains short and sweet. For me, I suppose the comparison appealed to a combination of the "keyboard warrior" nature of much of these groups' efforts, as well as serving as cheeky lead-in to the familiar control alt delete phrase which has come to be known to most of the free world. I don't take issue with the use of Alt-Left but I feel like it is open to some accusation of laziness due to the simple turn of the Alt-Right's label, no matter how well-deserved the comparison. I think they can co-exist, but I suspect they'll take on separate connotations as time goes on and likely come to identify different schools of opposition thought. And I'm not sure which will fall to which schools of thought.
      • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Yes. I like the arguments you present. I think I will try both for now and see how well they do. I have heard a couple of people comment about how much they hate being called the Alt-Left, which is a massive point in favour of that term, IMO. Perhaps particularly because of the connotations of the Alt-Right, their avowed enemies. I even had an idle thought wondering if the Alt-Right shouldn't rebrand themselves as AntiComs, and see the media attack that! Not that I want to encourage or support the right at all. I just would find it amusing. I am, after all, an old leftie at heart even though I would probably be called a Nazi by AntiFa and any SJWs. Though I suspect that is much more an emotional attachment on my part, rather than any reflection on my political outlook, which is firmly entrenched in the political centre.
        • [ – ] planespeech parent reply I think only time will tell which will catch on. That seems to be the real measure of a moniker. As for the hatred of being called Alt-Left, that's certainly in its favour. The only thing at this point really to enjoy about either side is Schadenfreude. There is at least joy to be found in them not getting their way.
          • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply I have just watched the highlights of the latest HBR Rantzerker (91), and Karen Straughan went for Ctrl-Left, while acknowledging Alt-Left. So it will be interesting to watch developments. Actually, it presents the opportunity for an additional tactic. One can say one of them, say Alt-Left, and when that is objected to, one can respond "that's right, it's Ctrl-Left isn't it". Which will work either way round. 😈
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