This is the Police - Episode 18 -Tsubukaki & The Crooked Dick(VidMe)

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  • IzzySmithGaming reply 42:45 Ends like most of my days... some dirty bastard knocking on my door, all pissed off, all stupid... I end up having to knock a few heads around, smack a dumbass through a plate glass window, bite a dog, and scream how sane I am at the neighbors... son of a bitch, days never end... but still... it's all a part of life, right? :D
  • [ – ] IzzySmithGaming reply 33:56 You've got nothing on my Jon Snow/Captain Jack Sparrow imitation. Seen my latest video? :D Dammit, we love you, bro... this is hilarious!
  • [ – ] IzzySmithGaming reply By the way, me and my wife BabyDoll are watching this whole thing and we're silently judging you as old people the whole time, LOL
  • [ – ] IzzySmithGaming reply 29:17 Dirty old man!
  • [ – ] IzzySmithGaming reply 22:30 COP KILLA! You got a cop killed! Man, your career is over. Turn in your badge. Where do you think you live, Detroit? New Detroit? We don't have RoboCops out here! Stand down now... before I have to send in Dirty Harry!
    • OleCrankyGamer parent reply You should see the last episode on Youtube I REALLY got cops killed lol, This game is fun like Fallout. It tests your morality
  • IzzySmithGaming reply 13:44 They cut your salary by 50%? I QUIT BETTER JOBS THAN THIS! Go solve your own damned murders! *game over* ;)
  • [ – ] IzzySmithGaming reply Starks rule the Hood, yo. Baelish was a punk. Throw down at the Wall comin'... best bring your Glock. :D
    • OleCrankyGamer parent reply I am sure it will grow on me, but right now, I was hoping Littlefinger would die in a better fashion rather than Bran the 3 eyed sister pervert "You were beautiful that night, when Ramsay, you know.." seeing his schemes
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