Let's Make Google Unmask Itself

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  • [ – ] Chartokai reply I don't see the issue. Traffic sources aren't the same as playback location so they shouldn't match. If they did match then there would be no point in having both bits of information. Since you said you were linking the video elsewhere these stats make perfect sense. Someone using a link to YouTube is still watching it on a YouTube domain (AKA playback location = YT watch page) and they found your content from an external site (AKA traffic sources = external). As for the different view counts. The analytics pages show you the info for the selected timeframe. Browse all content shows you the stats for the contents lifetime.
    • [ – ] trid2bnrml parent reply What it shows is something many of us has seen, that YT hides some of our videos in their searches, but we can do better on views if we promote our vids off of YT, directly to the potential viewers. Views of conservative videos are being drastically cut on YT...enough for creators to notice it.
      • Chartokai parent reply Even if there is foul play, how does your lifetime views not matching your analytics time range of views show that?
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