Federal Kabbalah | FDA approves new ALS drug for first time in 22 years, May 5, 2017

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  • cjames reply I know it makes you angry Zach but remember Elites could have part in vidme don't give him an excuse to stop the message my friends and family thinks I'm crazy to now because I push the Gematria which means I push the truth
  • ncoloradofly reply I know ALS isn't cancer but it's a result of the poisons in the vaccines..why do you think they are marketed so heavily ? They create the disease....like ALS .....then have a lifesaving drug..our medical system is created for profit .
  • ncoloradofly reply Morons give their money to these corrupt organizations . .while the pharmaceutical cabal rakes in trillions overcharging for meds that are nothing but poison ...chemo kills..people don't die from cancer, they die from the chemo that poisons the body's ability to heal ..wake up sheeple!
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