FFVII Remake: Tifa's Boobs Down Sized? bs

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  • WebNoob reply I love how even though were getting a remake of one of the most famous and critically acclaimed games ever, Tifa's boobs is the main focus.
  • [ – ] BacklogGamingJunkie reply You know whats weird... as a fellow gamer here with tons of games under my belt from many genres, i have never played a FF game or jrpg game before. Maybe 2017 is the year I should broaden my horizon
  • [ – ] Benchez reply I am a huge fan of this video. Really well done. Look forward to more from you
  • [ – ] Lypstick reply omg you're so awesome, i really hope you get some better mic in future xD
  • [ – ] TipsterGaming reply This whole debate over overly-sexualized women in gaming is just nonsense. Video games are an art form and that art reflects the vision of the artist just like any other art form. To discriminate against sexualized women in games is to discriminate against creative freedom. Also, art often imitates life. As you said...there are women with big breasts in real life. We don't shame women with big boobs in real life (or at least we shouldn't) so why shame them in games? Its a stupid debate.
    • [ – ] Blueprint4Z parent reply Lol yeah, and pretty much everything is sexualized in video games, it is art and for some reason some people have a problem with that.
      • [ – ] Sk4zZi0uS parent reply I would like to throw in that for some reason people need to make absolutely everything sexual REGARDLESS of medium. It kinda bugs me, almost creeps me out... especially when people do it to something that has no signs of being pushed in a sexual direction... Imprinting is one thing but... damn
        • [ – ] Blueprint4Z parent reply I agree with you on that, it has been irritating me recently actually too, literally everything is becoming sexual, but it's different when it comes to FF and this character.
          • [ – ] Sk4zZi0uS parent reply I don't even know if things are actually becoming sexualized, more that people think it is. People that watch cartoons, watch TV, play video games, read comics and then define a character because of something sexual even if it were something pointless like a kids show. Drives me bloody mental... like that chick from Overwatch? Tracer? Oh shes gay or something... then everybody starts jumping up and down like its a big deal :/ since when was sexuality a defining characteristic and since when was it a big deal. Same with Tifas rack... she could be 3 feet tall have a G cup for all I care. People are so sensitive though :/
            • Blueprint4Z parent reply Yeah, I think it's both actually, I'm not sure if things are slowly becoming more sexualized, but for the most part people are jumping at every single little thing, like you mentioned, I've heard some fuss about that female Overwatch character. It's these 'Feminazi's' that are looking to attack any and everything. I don't remember seeing this feminist/SJW BS back in 2012.
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply amen! couldnt have said it better man!
  • [ – ] maizumagames reply I like the calm way you talk
  • [ – ] JimmyDeanRodeo reply Personally I've never played Final Fantasy but I like hearing about other games, and I like the way you commentate
  • AlmightyKingMarz reply I am a little upset about this not going to lie....
  • [ – ] BabyThetans reply So, you're a Black Girl Gamer Gamer?
  • GreenCobrasGaming reply I have not played Final Fantasy 7 but it is insane to change the looks of another character because a certain group of people hate against it. It all depends of what the developers want the character to be then what people want. I can see why change a characters looks to make it more realistic and not because of what a group has against the original design. I am fine if a character has big boobs or not. It is the character's personality that I care more over the looks in the game. Sure having a character be pretty with big boobs is a bonus but it is more on the personality in my opinion. Another thing is there are video game characters and real people who have big boobs in which having big boobs match there type of personality perfectly. When it matches perfectly there is no need to change the character.
  • DavidTheGamer reply she needs them big boobs back lol
  • [ – ] DDInDaBungalow reply Your title says FFVIII (final fantasy 8) remake but you are talking about FFVII. If you want to make quality videos that people want to watch you should at least spell check things.
  • stenmand1 reply yo im new to our channel. i really like this video about FF love this game. and i never once really look at her boobs and thourth they have to do somthing about them.... i cant understance why the only focus on her breast and make a big problem out of that. its sad i love the "privacy... haters gonna hate" thing xD
  • FreshSocksFox reply If I just close my eyes, her boobs will still be big and jiggle in my mind...I mean umm...yeah...th...this is better >.>
  • AroundDaClockGames reply Splendid Video... ಠ‿ಠ Love your voice, It's so relaxing! ...[✭ QUALITY APPROVED ✅ ]...
  • Wolfer reply This is a travesty! It better not be true!!!...I feel like her boobs weren't super big during Advent Children I feel like.
  • ShinyBigBoo reply Tifa's only getting a downsize so she fits on the screen of the #NintendoSwitch! Details in my next video BunniiBGG!!
  • Snarly55 reply Hope you are doing well I am starting a channel here for fun and I feel this community is excepting of me and my weirdness.
  • [ – ] OnceMoreGaming reply I thought they were trying to maintain the models used in the cgi movies. The CGI movies don't have her as busty as the original game. I honestly don't think that the creator of FFVII cares about SJWs. He's brushed them off pretty effectively before. As far as whether or not her boobs are an issue - it would be a problem if she were a weak assed poser. However, Tifa isn't weak. Not only can she suplex a WEAPON, but she can take the emotional stress of walking around in someone's psyche, while dealing with the loss of her boyfriend, and working to undo the evils of Shinra. I say, she has plenty of strength - both physical, emotional and mental. She can look however she wants to look, afaic. :D
    • [ – ] OnceMoreGaming parent reply I guess what I'm trying to say is, she may be a little bit of cheesecake, but she's cheesecake with teeth. She's more than earned her place on the team. Hell, she's 1/3rd of the team. She's there for a reason other than to "look pretty". If all she did was "look pretty" then I'd understand some complaints. But she's and integral part of the plot, and she doesn't bend over for anyone.
  • bigduck112 reply Can you make more videos please?
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