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Is The Devil In The Clouds

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  • marycozzens Roxanne, you don't have to turn on your red light! ok, got that outta my system. Back in the early 1960s, as I was walking to school one morning, the sky had clouds in straight lines like stripes, and they were all PINK!!! a lot of people were upset about it, and the new told us it was part of the aura borealis! It certainly was NOT! I was just a few miles north of Washington DC, in suburban Maryland, no northern lights ever got that far, nor would we see them in the daylight. We get lied to all of our lives. I prefer truth.
  • Jayling7 I've seen a lot of pictures from folks in Texas that have purple skies; the lavender is stunning. Up here in Ohio I've only caught the yellow-to-orange-to-pink skies at sunset, but do have the pink clouds in that one video too. Oh yes, and the rusty sky over the winter! That was nasty!! There is so much crud they are spraying in our atmosphere it's downright disgusting. Thanks for another great one, J!
  • jerzeydolphins looks like satans glaring down towards earth , creepy, shivers
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