Bearing: here's a crash course - he's scum!

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  • JustABloke reply Yay so glad Bearing is here, now I spend even less time on YT!
  • FindingWonderment reply People don't appreciate having their beliefs questioned and see it as personal attacks. I don't see you as a cruel person, but rather someone with whom we can all learn from. You help bridge a gap and raise awareness of the types of people out there preaching liberty, but instead twisting hatred into their morals. Keep rocking it, Bearing! You and Sugar Tits are some of my favourite speakers. 😁
  • [ – ] jujinz reply It's amazing how fragile some people can be. If YouTube hurts them so easily how do they make it through the day out in the real world???
    • pablodee parent reply in their safe spaces ....we need to fight the spreading cancer that is leftist socialism ... these SJWs are INSANE
  • abetterwest reply SJW's are our enemy! DESTROY THEM!
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