The Bystander Effect: Would You Really Help Someone in Need?

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  • [ – ] billmarion reply I have to say that I think i would help a bystander, I have before. I've been helped as well by a bystander. There was a time in which I would say that one's response as a bystander is indicative to one's culture, or raising, or something like that. I'm not so sure anymore. I know that I've been helped by strangers, and strangers have helped me. I think I need a tea break now myself. I like the advice! Great video. Love the channel!
    • iiMitor parent reply There is probably a little bit of cultural influence when it comes to helping a bystander. Some cultures are little bit more open and community minded, and others are more individualistic. So, I could see it being the case where people in some cultures would be willing to give a hand because of how close the community culture is..... And in all honesty, society truly does play a pretty big role in how we live our lives. Thanks for watching!! and thanks for the follow too :)
  • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer reply I recon i would help. But honestly, why do you watch domestic abuse anime?
  • [ – ] WaltyAnn reply I think one of the most interesting things is when people accept things they've heard without question. People will often tell me supposed facts, I question the logic and they get quite upset because they don't know how to explain it. I then ask where they learnt it and it's almost always "well it's just common knowledge, everyone knows it" while not understanding why. If I can continue the conversation without them blowing up because I challenged them. I bring up this question "Have you ever done cow-tipping before?" and lead them down the path of how it's cool and it's often I get "Oh yeah, definitely" or "I haven't done it, but I sure seen it. It's pretty funny how cows sleep standing up." Obviously cow-tipping is a lie, if you've ever lived on a farm or have relatives who do you know it's not true. It's just to mess with city folk. After they spew bullshit about how they've done it, I just sit there and laugh then tell them it's not even real. Sometimes they get embarrassed because...more I caught them and sometimes they just deny it. They believe it's true and act as if they've done it. Because they don't want me to know they're a bull-shitter. And even more amazing, at the same time, they're deluding themselves the lie is somehow real.
    • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply ikr?... I find it funny that people can take a statement from someone and it becomes a fact in their heads to the point they will argue with you for hours on how what they heard is true... I think that actually plays a part in the Mandela effect, a misconception that becomes fact when it is constantly restated by the large majority of people... and when the truth is revealed it is so mind blowing to them.... kinda funny actually... And I know what you mean with the cow tipping thing, lol.... That's hilarious how you mess with the city folks like that, maybe I'll do that sometime, see how they react...
      • WaltyAnn parent reply Yeah, it's a shame. But once in a while, some of the people who freak out over it will come back and realize how silly they were being. Which is nice, at least some come back to reality. Jaja, you should try it. It's quite funny to watch them fly off the handle.
  • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer reply My boi could you do a voice synthesis for me?
    • [ – ] iiMitor parent reply sure man.... what do you want it to say? And what kinda voice?
      • [ – ] Zimbo_Gamer parent reply Australian or american
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  • [ – ] Jmusic-singerandsongwriter reply Interesting subject worth the time watching it
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, you did really good on that video! I hadn't really thought much about the subject before. But you are right, it is easy to defer responsibility when you are dealing with a complete stranger. I think most if not all of us already feel like we have a full plate when it comes to the burdens weighing us down. We don't want to invite more trouble into our lives. It's a weigh and balance kind of thing. What's the benefit of acting versus not acting. And then there's the shock factor. When surprised with a situation it can take a moment to start thinking clearly enough to make a decision. I like to think I'd help someone in need, but it's all about the circumstances and what I thought I could handle. Very interesting topic. Good job!
    • iiMitor parent reply Thanks! I do agree, I think a lotta people don't want the added burden on them so they choose to ignore the situation or pretend. It's especially bad in the current society, like in China right now for example. If you risk helping someone is trouble, you might end up getting sued by that same person. I heard that is a big problem over there. So, if I wanted to help someone, I'd have to think "i'm I willing to take the risk of having to deal with a whole lotta problems just because I wanted to help someone". Kinda sad that helping people can be considered a risk in all honesty. But it is where we are, and it is what it is I guess.... Ha, thanks for watching! :)
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