How to get Verified on Vidme

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  • TheEspressoCat reply The thing do not understand is why people that hav even less follows and less view then me get verfied. Seems so strange. I just do not understand the systeme. Oh well I guess I just have to wait. I like tho that real people decide which channels that gets verified..And I understand it takes time to go through all channels..
  • [ – ] PhuCat103 reply Ah I'm only half way to 50 followers. I only wish to have the verification just so I can continue uploading without the bandwidth limit.
  • JimGiant reply Hitting 50 subs seems a little harsh. Loads of great active content creators on here with less than that and they'd be even further away if they weren't verified and didn't appear in trending. I can see this putting off new members. Why not have people make a vidme exclusive video mentioning the name of the channel to verify that it's really them?
  • The_World_of_RipX reply glad i got in early though im at 50 now :)
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I'm actually glad that they upped the rules on verification. We got so many people coming in and they are so busy.
  • [ – ] TheScreaminGoat reply Ah so that's why. Thanks man for the info.
  • [ – ] Excell reply I applied 6 times for Verification and I did not get it :(
    • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply 6 times? I would email and ask if there is a problem or a reason your not being verified.. Sorry man
      • [ – ] Excell parent reply I don't understand when people who has like over 1k subscribers on YouTube they would get Verified on the same day.
        • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply Yeah, I know that sucks but I honestly have no idea. I'm just like you, I am just someone who creates videos for Vidme. You really need to talk to them, or even Tweet Duffy or @Vidme on Twitter. They might have a backlog at the moment, we have had a lot of new creators join over the summer
          • Excell parent reply Yes, I messaged Duffy on instagram, but he read what I said and did not replied back.
  • [ – ] Rayman327 reply I still haven't been verified and I've been here for almost a month I think I applied three days after creating my account. Now you have to have 50 followers? I understand spam/fake accounts and all but I should have been verified a long time ago.
  • [ – ] Hypedrebel reply Great video for people who are new to this site.
  • [ – ] BrandonVoiceVidme reply Great video. I was verified in my first or second try within one day but that was ​me lol also I noticed a surprising increase in followers shortly after I was verified, I don't know if that's a coincidence or that people can find my channel easier now that im verified. I don't know lol anyway I followed your channel and upvoted keep up the great work
    • iJimUK parent reply Yeah, I noticed that as well, I had about 15 people follow me within 24 hours of being verified. maybe it is easier to find us. I know that there is a New Verified Channels tab in the community section
  • [ – ] 80spodcastchannel reply good info...thanks Mate
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