Grandpa's Diary (Bedtime Story)

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  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply My Russian Grandfather, Vadim Sladcopevets, was wounded by an artillery shell fragment in his thigh on the German front line. The battle moved on and a German farmer family took him in and healed him. He had fought in the battle of Moscow, the siege of Leningrad and much, much more. He told the farmers he was sick of war and wanted to go back to Russia, find his family and leave Europe. They gave him a horse, a very valuable item in those times, and he rode it 2000 miles and found his family. Your story made me think of him.
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Oh wow! I love how in the midst of war, there is still caring between the peoples. I'm glad your grandfather found his family :)
      • MaitreMarkScully parent reply My mother also tells of a story when they were homeless wandering around Europe trying to survive and another German farming family let them sleep in a barn for the night. In the morning they left before dawn without bothering the farmers. It was winter and snowing but the farmers wife ran after them in the snow in her nightgown, bare footed and made them take a loaf of bread and a sausage. Food was scarce and people were starving to death but this farmers wife did not want a family with 4 children to starve when she could help them. My mother only tells stories of when people helped them. My uncle used to tell me stories of death and destruction from the same time.
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