Revenge? Man Plows Van Into Crowd of Muslims in London!

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  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply looks like a war is going on, that's crazy how all those people killing each other and for what
    • [ – ] UnravelingTheMatrix parent reply Indeed it is, and I'm afraid it will only get worse.
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply plus you have Islamists militants killing other Muslims, so you have the Shiites vs Sunni and all other cultures and people of faith or no faith pushed out or genocided, so the wars never stop,
      • Star_Wars6collector parent reply they have been fighting for thousands of years and with a real full out invasion going on and the Soros media causing chaos because they fund all this madness, if there was not all those wars in the first place there would not have been all that genocide on both sides, and it is the classic divide and conquer that is now going on in all western countries, plus the hard facts show that one religion is invading all western countries because it is not multicultural when one group forces out all other cultures and religions to leave just one, as well as having a racist tax against others because they are not of that one particular religion, so you now have over 40 states or countries that are 100% Islamists from genociding the rest or pushing them out of the middle east and parts of Africa,
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Tommy Robinson sets the record straight over the Finsbury Mosque attack
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