Fjällräven backpack unboxing!

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I love when companies give you a little surprise the fish was such a cute extra lol Um this should have been sponsored I want one now! The color you picked is perfect.
    • Powerpuff parent reply Same!! I'm such a sucker when companies write notes thanking me for my business. In this case, they gave me candy which makes me happy because I LOVEEE Swedish fish. I would be so happy if this company sponsored me xD I would work my magic and get you a backpack of your choosing mwhaha. Check out their website when you get a chance. So. many. colors. to. choose. from. I'm glad you like the forest green as much as I do! It screamed "PICK ME FOR CAMPING" lol
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The foam would be good to cushion the laptop against damage. I notice the zippers are all covered against rain. Where are you going camping?
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