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  • Thorvald793 reply I'm curious as to whether she expects this to be applied equally across society and to all ethnic and religious groups. Somehow, I think in her mind, one religious group in particular would be exempt.
  • AceAcer2 reply So in short some are still thinking that stay-at-home mums don't work huh? Who is the stupid ass who thinks it's not a "real work" to look after kids? Where are the feminists who were asking for a salary for stay-at-home mums because they were thinking it was a full time job? Now feminists want to see all women at work and devalue women who chose to stay at home. Feminism sure has changed .... For me stay-at-home mums should be payed because it's really a full time job to take care of children. I know, i forgot feminists don't care about children anymore - only the narrative matters :P
  • Shimeran reply Wouldn't the shortage of labor driver up the price, leading to better wages? I'm not seeing the benefit to said parents. It just sounds like using politics to keep up a pool of cheap labor.
  • Muddywaters reply Just a point, isn't the Woman's Weekly a monthly? As a rag it is on a par with the material it's quoting. This retarded idea will cause no end of grief if it's advice is followed but then I suspect that is exactly the intent behind it. Women working exclusively to pay for childcare.
  • Edgewood reply Wrf, I've already given my thoughts on Youtube, and even watching this again, they're pretty much the same. Either the father or mother have to stay, so it doesn't solve the work problem unless you're going to take the right to watch your own children away from the parents and put them in government care...which, in all honesty, shouldn't happen.
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