Microtransactions Are Ruining Video Games and You Know It

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  • [ – ] RandomEd787 reply This is all a progressive movement by devs and publishers. They will slowly implement more and more microscamactions and lock more things behind paywalls, and make gameplay even more grindy. And eventually you will see almost every single player game have microscamactions, and it will all be the fault of gamers. You wanna save your hobby, stop buying and defending this bullshit.
  • [ – ] FunkyMunky reply I've been gaming since 1985 and I cannot stand the way games are today. I have never, ever paid a microtransaction and I will not ever do so. I agree, they are ruining games and gaming culture. We could reverse this by creating a culture of shaming the idiots that pay for them. You pay for microtansactions, then you are a pussy. Also, boycott developers and publishers like Rockstar, Activision, EA and the rest that push these on consumers. I will never buy any of their games ever again and I encourage all of you to as well. You may miss out on a new game, but honestly, most games these days are fads, you won't be missing out on much other than saving money. Your wallet will thank you. Buy something REAL with it instead
    • Nicodemous52 parent reply I don't hate them inherently, but I don't think they belong in games that are full priced (in my mind that is between $40 and $60 USD) and should be absolutely minimal in all but F2P games. I do think Riot Games has a pretty decent system with League of Legends. Marvel Heroes was terrible, but they cleaned it up real nice eventually (assuming they've not gone and screwed it back up again since I left). But in general, they are not a good thing. I'll tell ya' what is worse though, DLC. That shit needs to die.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Yeah, sadly microtransactionless times are never coming back. To me it's a total waste of money.
      • FunkyMunky parent reply People complain about games that are "grindy". The games are grindy for a reason; to sell microtransactions. People need to stop complaining and stand up for their own principles! STOP PAYING THEM!
  • RetroMaggedon reply Yup. One of the reasons I mostly play older games is no microtransactions.
  • [ – ] kassdog reply This why i quit gaming on consoles. Tired of paying $70 for a half done game. Then every 3 months paying anothe $20 to get more of the game. By the end of the year you paid $140 for a full $70 game. Fuck gaming.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Hahahah sad but true. I dont understand how that became the norm.
      • Bitchspot parent reply It became the norm because people put up with it. So long as people pay, they'll keep doing it. If their AAA title suddenly sells no copies because of the microtransactions, they'll stop. But we all know that won't happen because people are addicted to gaming. It's a lose-lose situation.
      • Dashball parent reply it became the norm because all the mobile games did it, and then developers realized they could do the same thing with paid games
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply At least for arcades, it made sense. Just pop in a quarter to play or continue. For the past five-to-six years, it has gotten out of hand, and not to sound parsimonious and spiteful, makes me wish for the Internet equivalent of The 1983 Video Game Crash. Besides, I hate smart devices.
  • [ – ] tageneislover reply I completely agree with you on mobile games and on those 60$ games. Mobile games are free-to-play, but they pull those cheap microtransactiond which are annoying. However, the situation is equally bad in 60$ console games, because they make the game too unbalanced. The least that they could do is make you fight against a player that has almost the same stats as you. At the same time though, there are good microtransactions, like in Team Fortress 2. In that game you can beat everyone based on how skilled you're and not based on how much you've payed. Microtransactions there are for cosmetics, items (like taunts) and weapons... but all the weapons are balanced. So if you have the stock/free weapon, you can still play the game fair and square. And damn, if you want weaponsz you get item drops every single week. The only bad thing about the game for some people might be the fact that they can't trade with other users if they haven't bought anything from Steam. You can still receive gifts...more from other users though. That's an example of a game with GOOD microtransactions. Anyway, nice video! I really enjoyed it!
    • GamerRaf parent reply Thanks! Yeah, I also have a problem when you pay for a microtransaction and you get an RNG. That is very frustrating
  • [ – ] Dashball reply I dislike microtransactions and do not pay for them (except for one occasion on a free game, I wanted to support the developer so I bought a very small one that was only $4 because I wasn't gonna spend it any way) they appear in every mobile game now, and now are even making their way into paid games like call of duty. If video games have microtransactions, I believe it should be cosmetic only, like League of Legends, in that game, the only thing you have to buy for real money is skins, (which you can also get for free by random luck) and these do not effect anything in game, except it does change the champ, some of the things the champ says, ect, small things that don't really matter, but are cool nonetheless. I wish all games would adopt this system, because riot games (maker of league of legends) still makes a lot of money off of them.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah, I don't have a problem if the game is free but I you paid 60 bucks for a game it should have everything for that price and not have to pay more. Unless it is completely new content.
  • [ – ] Keinlieb reply I'm getting tired of buying and game then getting it home and play it just to find out i have to buy the game again and again and again...
  • [ – ] RetroSegaWondershow reply It's true, microtransactions suck. I don't mind reasonable microtransactions, the keyword being reasonable, in free games like free online roleplaying games, but I would never pay for any microtransactions in a game that wasn't free. As a matter of fact, I probably wouldn't even buy a game if it had microtransactions in it.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Yeah. It's ridiculous. Pay for the game and then pay more for upgrades and weapons etc... no thank you.
  • [ – ] NathanSifuGaming reply High noon, and high noon 2 WERE the best iPhone games ever! And then micro-transaction apocalypse gave all the power to the people who were willing to play to win. If you weren't willing to do the same you had no chance of victory, what a pile!
    • GamerRaf parent reply That's why I have stoped playing a lot of mobile games. There are so many things to do just to get a cristal... Ain't nobody got time for that!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Micro-transactions are insanely terrible, I've seen 1 billion times worse than just a slot. Sometimes they make upgrades/cosmetics slot exclusive so even if you managed to get a 2nd slot you wouldn't be able to use most of the stuff you had in the first without paying again.
  • sntsmilian reply Stay retro you'll it's more fun.
  • [ – ] SeanShadowBlood reply Microtransactions should have no place is pay to play or buy to play, doesn't make sense,I never played a paid game but you don't have to be a genius for this, why the hell would I pay microtransactions on a game that I PAY to even play it? That alone makes the purchase a waste, now, f2p, I got mixed feeling on this one so here the deal; It's a free game, the devs need to make the money somehow, however, making the game p2w is a real show stopper, not to mention unfair and imo, kind of discriminatory towards players who can't spend on games because they have more important things to spend it on, like house billing and food for example, where I see microtransations as ok in f2p is if they are done for mounts or pretty much to look cool. Ask me any day, but the devs aren't to blame entirely, they are half guilty, the other half? The gamers who buy microtransactions to get better without the effort, if we want this to stop, we have to stop buying, mainly at p2p or buy to play and limit ...morepurchases at f2p, at least that's how I see it, great job on the video.
    • GamerRaf parent reply Thanks! Yeah, It shouldn't be pay to win on any game. Yes, Gamers have most of the fault because they accept and buy this kind of stuff.
  • [ – ] TokyoPatrick reply I still remember when the new Mortal Kombat came out. You had to pay money just to unlock access to Goro. He wasn't DLC since he was technically on the disk upon release, but you had to pay money just for a command to be executed on your PS4 to unlock access to a character that's already on the disk. That has to be the biggest hustle since you literally have to make one command line change and charge about $10 for it. I remember the days when you had to unlock stuff, now you just pay for everything. In my opinion, gaming truly died near the end of the PS2 era, but I understand if you may disagree. Great channel, great video (short and sweet). Keep making more :-)
    • GamerRaf parent reply Than you! Yep, I remember MK as well doing that. It's ridiculous. PS2 era was an awesome one. I wish games would go back to that in that aspect.
  • [ – ] MichiganerE reply As much as I hate microtransactions, as long as they allow games like Titanfall 2 and Overwatch to give us free DLC (and stay cosmetic only), as well as get rid of season passes, I can put up with them.
  • [ – ] Double-T reply It only ruins games if you can't get something in the game WITHOUT paying money for it. Like how BATTLEFRONT INCLUDED GUNS IN THE DLC THAT YOU CAN'T GET UNLESS YOU PAY FOR IT SUPER FAIR I KNOW,
  • [ – ] RatedPending reply I hardly ever pay microtransactions, but my most used games (madden and 2K) I hardly ever play the game modes that practically require them. It's not really fun imo if all you're doing is paying to succeed
  • MaximVB reply Agreed. They suck 🙄 They will never get my money either 👍😂
  • [ – ] BITmachine reply I'm ok with it in the free-to-play games but putting it into anything full priced is just greasy. Luckily, I think there are enough devs that feel the same and this will never be the norm
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