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  • ff88 reply Btw Cameron I saw deer Hunter open for Interpol last night and they dedicated a song called "take care" to grace zabriskie and sheryl which was kinda of an awesome surprise shout out
  • hippyann reply Man... google isn't working with me or I'm bad at using search words, but I'm interested now on one thing: FWWM US Poster, what it looks like? :D is it the same picture on upcoming Criterion release of FWWM or something else? Because that's the only official poster pic I've seen. :O
  • TheLodge reply How is it obvious? lol I think Audrey was in a cocoon like Diane.
  • kdghantous reply Amy Shiels's appearance was very Lynchian - just like having BOB in a ball or Jeffries in a machine. ;-) Anyway, I looked her up on IMDB and what was interesting was that she played the character of Laura Cooper in a TV series called 'Shattered', described as "the story of 4 people connected through the actions of a serial killer." I have some questions for her if you have time to include them - assuming that she will be available again, of course: - If you could play a different character in TP, including the original series, which would it be? - Favourite Simpsons episode? - Tea or coffee? - Red wine, white wine or beer? - Favourite dessert? - If you could launch your own product, what would it be? - How will cinema change in the future? - Favourite memory from primary school? - Describe one of your dreams. - Do you believe that ESP exists? If I have more I'll add them later. Cheers to you, Hal, and everyone.
  • Steve-Redfield reply I've just caught up with you mentioning the 2nd chromatic song so forget my last message haha You need the windswept album as well 😂
  • Steve-Redfield reply The second chromatic song is on the other twin peaks OST soundtrack Cameron 😉
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