Youtube censorship : Stand together or watch the platform fall apart | The Millennial Revolt

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  • Patrick_Hostis reply YouTube is attempting to bankrupt any voices of Truth. Problem for them is most of us do not spread the truth in order to get money. We do it in order to save our country!
  • [ – ] ElCidDos reply The Youtube situation certainly escalated quickly. It's funny that these progressives simply refuse to acknowledge that the reason so many right wing channels are popular on Youtube is that we're sick of the SJW bullshit.
  • [ – ] FooledGhost reply I'll disagree with trying to save Youtube. It's best to alert people to many different alternatives and let Youtube sink. Best way to strike back is their wallets.
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply I hope many more VidMes prop up, best to go to a decentralized system, I tend to agree - I think YT cannot be saved, like literally contractually at this point with their business partners, C-suite, BoD, etc.
  • [ – ] saulodemian reply Yo, what's this outro in the ending of your podcast?
    • [ – ] themillennialrevolt parent reply New order the song is called Elegia if you've ever seen Pretty in Pink this song is played in there ^_^
      • saulodemian parent reply Haven't seen this movie yet. And I'm quite surprised I haven't heard this New Order's tune before, because I love this group. Thanks for your suggestions.
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