BBC Discovers The Great Meme War

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  • truckmyad reply They are fun and entertaining. That's for sure.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Where is the BBC news story of how Hollywood uses Triangles to promote the illuminati and the Celebrities create triangles with their hands and cover one eye. What about how sports teams use 3 Hexagon's to represent a 666. People follow actors and singers that put on a costume that look like a goat head. This is NO different, it symbolism. My advice would be when the TV program is over turn it off, before some Actor tries to tell you to follow them or listen to their advise. If someone puts on a Goat head and says to follow them don't. If you want to be PC Polite Try not to laugh in their face.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This has to be more BBC junk trying to justify passing illegal laws. The BBC is once again showing pictures of dust blowing into CHINA with people wearing mask. Then a few lines down it changes to the problem China has with pollution. Dishonest to now use the dust storm as it lead in to pollution to indoctrinate people into their Climate Change lies. The dirty 30's had plenty of dust also but they would never call this pollution. The BBC should cover real stories of how they are overfunded and the obscene budget of the Parliament of the EU. How they are building grand palaces with appropriated TAX dollars for there un-elected elite totalitarian regime. Totalitarian definition, relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
  • [ – ] truckmyad reply What is "extreme right?" NOT wanting your car burned into flames?
    • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Anyone who disagrees with the liberal opinion is considered "extreme right" and a Nazi as well. Even if they don't know what the extreme right believes.
      • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply "extreme right" is another overused term, just like "Nazi" or "racist". When it is overused, no one really takes it seriously anymore.
        • OrionBlastar parent reply Godwin's Law states that an Internet debate will eventually lead to one person comparing the other to Nazis or Hitler. When that happens they get really stupid, and basically lost the debate and resorted to personal attacks and name calling.
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