Think Against The Kitties Bring Curses To Your City: PARAMETERS & Spiritual LAW

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  • ELMC69 reply Here's the description that wouldn't fit: I really hope that this police officer was not visiting the old couple across the street over their kitty ministry, because that would mean that we can expect to see some cartoonish negative drama strike all who're complicit in it. I placed fiery protective hedges and enacted preemptive curse batches to strike anyone who dares even think a negative thought against those kitties or anyone who'd minister to them. If the cop took it upon himself to persecute the couple, then his equipment will fail him when he needs it most as spiritual retaliation for the offense. Plus he'll endure all other parameters of the curse batches and so will his agency and family members. It's all on autopilot and can not be stopped via any other means than opposing actions...So the cop and the snitches would have to adopt the kitties and/or give the couple money to feed them, along with an apology for being so white and devilish, just to release themselves from the par...moreameters of the curse batches...But will they be smart enough to do so BEFORE the curses set in and it becomes too late? No government nor agent is above spiritual law, especially not while being complicit in the terrorist attack on my life in the form of the illegal driver's license revocation that I've endured for 34 YEARS now over offenses as a kid. Now, to violate my will places them in harm's way until they release themselves from my authority over all things government with a full restoration of my driver's license and a public apology for allowing bull dykes in power (Chris Seager, Hearing Officer Odrobina) to rape my character and life for 2 years now. My will is, if you're government and you think against homeless animals or people, then you must be restaffed, entirely, from top to bottom, or watch a mass cartoonish die-off occur that can only be explained by violating spiritual LAW. God will not tolerate any affliction of His animals and He WILL make targets of them if they violate those parameters. There's no mercy nor intervention that can protect them from this invisible force of God and Lucifer that's protecting the welfare of those kitties. The kitties are more valuable than any human who has a problem with them being there and I hope God exhibits that in extreme violent fashion...Like, if the kitties can't be there, then neither can the humans who have a problem with them being there (hope He burns their houses down and kills them and their families, SOON). I can't express enough how violent their lives can get for assaulting those kitties...God will, for real, burn down their houses with them inside or cause that cop's gun to explode in his hand when he needs it to fire most or strike the families of the offenders against the kitties...The kitties are more valuable to God than the grandchildren of anyone who has a problem with those kitties being there and may God strike them severely as a punishment... If you have grandchildren and you hate kitties, then you killed your own grandchildren with that hate, because I magnified it and sent it back to you like a boomerang (good riddance). The same for any parents who have a problem with them kitties: Your kids are as safe in your home now as those kitties were from your report, evil white devil trailer trash scum, you. who deserves to writhe in pain as God kills you for your assault on His animals... No Christian will ever get away with this behavior, ever again...God will burn down their houses, strike them with disease and violence, and burn down their churches for it...If I EVER find out that a Christian had a problem with those kitties, I will remove his pastor from this town so quick it'll make their evil little white devil heads spin, by any means necessary... As a matter of fact, let any Christian in Grayling who does not want to adopt these kitties or otherwise help these kitties be cursed and let their churches be cursed, too. Let the fire of God burn them out of this town and off of this planet to be time looped as those kitties that they want to make it hard for because they're just brain parasite having white devils who won't exist in the next timeline nor the real world because part of the curse batches include taxation of their vile little spirits. I hate white devils. I delight in the fact that those who had a problem with the kitties will be dealt with and will be crushed, completely, like they never thought could happen to them. They can't fight against what they can't see. Dumb shits. -
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