Why Storage Limits for Verified Creators Would Be a Horrible Idea

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  • The_World_of_RipX reply looks like its happening... :(
  • [ – ] JuanBagnell reply It really depends on how VidMe eventually monetizes. I seriously doubt we'll see the removal of content, instead keeping the soft limit of how much you can upload per week. Either that or some system similar to Vimeo. There are numerous models which could play out here, and any video site which tries to emulate SoundCloud will be an instant failure.
  • [ – ] SFATech reply The only reason I can see them putting limits on the accounts of its users is because of storage costs.Maybe in the future, they might have money issues.And need to cut costs hopefully not because imagine anyone who wants to upload 4k/5k videos puff gone. :(
  • The_World_of_RipX reply My biggest fear is that many people see vidme as a wanna be YouTube...could this possible future cement that image?
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