Why I’m Back For Good

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  • [ – ] Emile_Ainsley reply I'll say this much: Don't suck Vidme's dick, ever. Stop worshiping it. Because if you give them that much power, they'll become like Youtube a few years down the line. Same applies to Gab.ai, Minds.com and any other up-and-coming alternatives. Vidme and these other sites are alive because of you, because of us, and they NEED TO NEVER, EVER FORGET THAT. So don't let them. Make them prove themselves to you, daily. Keep them in check. Keep them dependent on you, unless you want to do this whole thing all over again 3, 4, 5 years down the line. Anyway, nice to see you back, man. Keep fighting the good fight.
    • MrFixIt parent reply Amen brother! But unless we migrate, then YouTube can know we mean business. If not we will still to that platform & complain all day
    • Amaz1ngPizza parent reply Judging by what Gab's CEO believes, they probably won't forget it since they have some political motives as for Vid.me and Minds, the story goes a bit differently Vid.me already fucked with a user with more "controversial" political opinions (named Varg Vikernes, aka ThuleanPerspective) and forced him to abandon the platform and switch back to YouTube Platforms like Vid.me, like Varg said, don't necessarily need to be a YouTube alternative to gaming videos or whatever, (though he said that back in April, and it seems that now Google is going after gamers too) but it needs to be an alternative to users who want to express their opinions freely on certain subjects.
    • the_real_mudge parent reply It would only most likely become like YouTube if Google bought it out or some other larger company. I think vid.me might actually do really well in this situation if they stay independent. As long as they can support it
  • [ – ] AlexHimawari reply Yeah... I've got no reason to believe Trump will have anything to say on the free speech on social media issue. Nor do I think you'll see him move to a different platform like Minds or Gab. Sorry, I'm just not an optimist.
    • PsychoticPenguin parent reply If it wasn't for Trump, Twitter would already be dead. I doubt if Minds or Gab is yet in a position to handle all the traffic and new accounts Trump would bring with him. I agree that Trump won't speak out on the issue of free speech. Right now, they've got him on the ropes with the whole muh Russia thing anyway.
    • GeorgeEnglish parent reply Trump is Israel first. Most people now realise this.
  • BoogieFabulous reply SJWs do three things consistently: 1) SJWs always LIE. 2) SJWs always project. 3) SJWs, even when wrong, always Double down on their rhetoric.
  • YossariansGhost reply I really am glad to see your new content Dave. I think I speak for hundreds of thousands of us when I say We Missed You.
  • [ – ] Psykosity22 reply Brilliant! Welcome back, we need you!
  • shpoafphh reply I don't always agree with you, sir, infact i usually don't.. But, i find your views interesting and i would rather hear both sides or rather all sides of an argument than exist in a bubble. What you and others do is necessary and I'm glad people like you are keeping free speech alive. Fuck would be oligarchs, keep it real.
  • VoltaicFire reply I hope the current tech (censorship) giants do crumble for what they've done. I can only say I'll do everything I can to make it happen.
  • [ – ] MitchTheRipper reply I for one am making it a habit to use Youtube notifications, when they work, as a cue to look for that content at Vid.me. Sure, it won't do much more than change my own habits, but every little bit helps.
    • Platypus67 parent reply Funny; i do exactly the same and i hope VidMe will add some similar mechanics so we wouldn't have to rely on the sinking ship yt. The problem with this is that some content creators do vids specially for this platform which doesn't appear on youtube. VidMe is still kind of in its 'baby shoes' and I'm sure they will add more and more features in the future. The only thing I'm concerned right now is this 'no political content on trending'-policy and i already put people's attention on this issue in some of my comments. Right now i'm just glad to see one of my longtime favorites here on this platform; WELCOME BACK DAVE!!
  • Benthejrporter reply Condolences on your loss, mate. Glad you're back!
  • SC87Returns reply Good to see you back Dave :)
  • sfkillmelater reply Welcome back Dave! Your friends took good care of your channel, but you were sorely missed.
  • [ – ] winter__leaf reply I really admire your optimism. Its hard for me to feel the same. I look at what happened to film and television once the government got involved, and things were never the same. I imagine their ideal internet looks centralized and advertiser friendly. Google denounced China for having a "great firewall". But how can we say Google is any different?
    • Platypus67 parent reply Since the traitor obama sold the internet china has quite something to say to the topic of censorship - worldwide.
  • ShannonGibbs reply I watch you here now, Bitch. I love you, you giant fucking leprechaun.
  • Crypter27 reply It doesn't scare me ,it strengthens my resolve and what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger
  • JonTheBemused reply #GoogleAreEvil
  • GeorgeEnglish reply I use Vidme. Here someone mentioned DuckDuckGo. I thought it a joke but I now have and I'm happy with it.
  • 522162 reply I finally did it. I'm now on vidme. I've been sick of YouTube for some time now. And I do not wish to be it's slave for the content i want to see. I just hope every youtuber makes the move to vidme. I know for many when it comes down to freedom and ad revenue. This platform is where to go.
  • Pkrussl reply It's insane what's happened to youtube. It was so cool back in the day. Now its just appalling.
  • ScammerRevolts reply Well, Welcome Back I'm glad we have people with a bigger audience like you that can help get things like this around!
  • DiscoProJoe reply If the EU threatens Vidme, Gab, Minds, etc., with censorship, then those platforms should just move their servers out of Europe and encourage everyone to use a VPN to access their sites.
  • exit268 reply thank you for actually sharing your good side for a better knowledge
  • pokematic reply Hey Dave, do you use bitcoin or other crypto currencies? I'll send you some if you let me know the address (I have bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, and etherum).
  • COSMotions reply You are doing a bag up Job. We need guys like you to help out in this info War. Keep doing it!!!!!!
  • ThePowerofGreyskull reply Moved over from YT
  • Caleb_Projects reply I'm trying to support VidMe by making some content, and I'm pulling some of my content off YouTube. VidMe may prove to be just as evil someday, but we need to have some competing platforms. As for money, I was making about $100 a month at one time on YouTube, now it is more like $1.50 so I rely on other sources anyway. :-)
  • Banjo-Kazooie-Blue reply Black pigeon Speaks is an abhorrent racist asshole. Quoting him will only sully and argument you're making.
  • [ – ] Banjo-Kazooie-Blue reply Black Pidgeon Speaks is an abhorrent racist asshole. Quoting him will only sully any argument you try to make.
  • ChairmanComrade reply Cultural Marxism is here so you'll be a trannie in no time.
  • Hagelbocken reply huzza! yey! jippy! hurray! :D
  • Gelbfur reply KEEP UP THE FIGHT
  • bipolarsadistic reply Consider yourself followed...but not on YouTube. Me and many others are fed up and not going back.
  • Simon_Says reply Absolutely well argued and as a new content creator I absolutely agree - I will be trying to do it on minds and vidme - the hard road as it were, but I think it will be worth it to not feel the constant threat of youtube and google.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Great video Dave. Puts it in context how much people have to lose over a monopoly who wants to supress us into oblivion. Well have NONE of it!
  • tangents reply Welcome back :)
  • totallyrad reply "Beware he who would deny you access to information, for in his heart, he dreams himself your master." - Commisioner Pravin Lal, Alpha Centauri (game from Firaxis)
  • AxxL_Afriku reply nice beard brother brother
  • tonygreene113 reply Welcome back to the saltmines, brother of the free word.
  • scooby_brew reply Good thing you and others decided to uploaded your content on other sites such as vidme because I don't know if I'll be able to find it on YouTube soon. I watched everybody to understand, that subjects like "Salam does not have weapons of mass destruction ", "Hillary does not have 99.99% chances to win", etc, would be considered fake news and forbidden to discuss openly.
  • PseudoBidon reply You were doing great with regards to free market until you mentioned "anti-competitive behavior" because that's, again, anti-free market and it's exactly the same as making Google a public utility, you're giving the government power over a company and power over their ability to direct traffic. After passing that rubicon, it becomes much easier for the government to justify pushing their own propaganda to the top by pretending that Google is engaging in anti-competitive behavior. This is just another ring you have to toss in the volcano, do not be tempted by it!
  • red_label91 reply Leftists like David Pakman who is 1000 better than you suffers even more from Google demonitisation. Also Orwell was a leftist socialist. Haha, you dumbsters.
  • [ – ] red_label91 reply This guy is an idiot.
  • Natanahel reply IQ differences between races are re... oh Dave hi you were listening. ....uh? what are you doing? wait, don't censor me, please stop. NOOOOOOO! Comment Deleted
  • [ – ] TheWhitePhoenix reply Hey, Dave? Razorfist recently did a test, and Google's censorship algorithm is a BLACKLIST. https://vid.me/vv5kh
  • GreybackCoyote reply Finally, I missed my sexy ginger.
  • Angry_Computer_Nerd reply Hooray , now get a job you dirty lazy hippy.
  • JVanDevender reply Glad you're back Dave!
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