Youtube protects Paedophiles

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  • [ – ] Endeavor-Truth reply Hi there. It seems there are many who are losing their channels. I have received strikes on my youtube channel for videos that I put up over a year ago on the false flag Sandy Hook. Also, my videos are heavily censored because I expose rituals in my state. Anyway, it's good to meet you.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply Hi, nice to meet you too. And you are correct. They (youtube etc) either shadowban, demonetize, or take down videos or even whole channels. They are gonna get it, not only from me.
  • [ – ] MandaPandaWins reply I am American and one more female rape or death by the muslobarbarians I say we all start the revolution. Marie Antoinette style. I am of Eastern European and Irish descent- all gypsies. I'm DONE. Join my alt right women's cause on Facebook (only Facebook for now) Sororal Order of Alt Right Dames- S.O.A.R.D. I am grand dame. We fight ALL of the Regressive Left a d support our FIGHTING MEN, at home and of our brother arm FOAK, (Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights)
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I am on your side, totally. I boycot facebook however, I simply do not want to give facebook internet traffic, but I am thankful that you are a nice person who has also had it with censorship and the Moooslimaniac death cult now. I think Germans and Irish people are quite similar when it comes to mentality. I once made the mistake of calling some woman from Ireland "Britsh"... She insulted me worse than anybody else in my life. I just didn't know better, because I am not a native English speaker.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I do not know whom is pushing that "Replacement Migration" paper but I think it is a load of shit! The USA could do that same shit with 10 million people because the school system is shit! It is nothing but a coupon fraud. The brown man gets up, cashes his welfare for food, rent and healthcare and does "Whatever" for 16 hours of the day. When then flips on the TV that injects him with mental illness and then in turn goes to the doctor 5 times a month because it is free. The welfare is doled out to the doctors that are in turn getting welfare in the form of Medicaid and they deposit it in the bank to pay the 30 year mortgage that they accrued by not staying at home with their parents and saving their money for the cash payment, which is a joke. I have a $60 credit card. How did I get that? By not paying $0.01 interest! I pay the full amount back on the first cycle! They see this and know you have an F'ing brain and give you more credit…Hoping that you slip I guess…imprisoning yourse...morelf. General Electric went from making "Engines" to making banks. Apparently, it is easier to shovel out the free "Coupons", collect the exhaust for reprocessing, rather than actually making our eyes and ears feel better! I am a Bonafided Liberal, Conservative, Non-Emigration E'Utopian that hopes that one day they will get it right, just so we can all least look at it for a few years until they F' it up like Sverige! The luciferins down here are hell bent on crating hell on Earth by using the Talmud to reinsulate the revolutionaries after they get tired of fighting for a few decades.
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply THe UN is officially pushing the agenda, but in fact it is the deep state who runs the UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, Fed Reserve bank etc. These people are guilty of crimes against humanity.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I know! Even the PBS, BBC, NAACP! I grew up on shows like PBS and BBC & Pippi Pippi Långstrump, that told me that "Male" lions lye around all day and steal the food from the "Female" lions after they catch it. I was 30 years old before I actually saw an actual true documentary that show that one "Male" Lion can take down a African buffalo, where it actually takes ~5 to 10 "Female" lions to track surround and ambush one to take it down. They actually pay these people to go out and make videos for a feminist agenda, that apparently kicks the men in the balls all day, while they imports "New" peebles to do your work because you do not have enough backbone now to get up and fight. Not in our neighborhoods! We run there asses back to the inner city ghettos, after they have sold crack and khat until they can but a house out of the view of police officers! I have actually seen rental houses have road-flares thrown into the windows to bun them out! LOL The Pippin Shows had the whole house sw...moreinging from the chandeliers, literally! I can see why my parent's hair is white! LOL
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply Yes. I cannot write so much back in detail, but I fully agree with you. It is like inviting predators into your house to babysit your children. Total madness.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply What they presented here was a woman that said all day, "I can't believe the he was brave enough to post this in a forum". BRAVE, REALLY. Wow! The Native Americans are weeping! The next generation is going to be ripe for the picking by the scum of the Earth that they are importing into the intercity ghettos! LOL
  • [ – ] redbullcorona reply
    • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me parent reply Thank you for that link. She may be dumb, but she is a girl and she is German. If these mongo-barbarians execute her, it is war. Nobody kills a German woman in a foreign country. Nobody. If they do it, these shitty Muslimaniacs, it is war,
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply I have a hot story for you. I can't wait to see what you do with this. The "Genie" is out of the bottle, and they are trying their best to put it back in, with this fake story!
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply I cannot promise that I will talk about it, because I am overworked. But if I can insult google/youtube/alphabet, i will do it, hehehehe. Thanks for the link.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply Dude I just got a box that says something Nice... Really? 70 years of integration where they took the Negro schoolbooks, replaced them with our and now they are wondering why they are being ousted! It is like watching a hugger in a boxing match! The white schoolchildren are being slammed because they are coming into the public school system knowing how to read and write 100 basic words and they are teaching F'ing ABC's in the third grade! The school buses are now made to hose lice at the end of the delivery day with a F'ing garden hose! In high school I had a "New-Negro" school shop teacher that cut him F'ing fingers off in shop class with a table saw. They them made him the "Principal" so they would not have to pay out an insurance claim. He should have took the money! Over the next 3 years, he hired four "Negro" teachers. So in Science class we learned that we had a moon. A F'ing Moon! You know that thing that we knew that he had when we said "Daddy, what is that"! Give me a F'ing BR...moreEAK! My "Negro" Biology teacher Said on day one, Thisa Boobba says that’s this isa calda an ammeebababa! I said "An ammeebababa"? She said "An ammeebababa. A singlba cellba organismba. I amba conaba wriba on the bordba, just likenba itba cominba out of my mouthba". I walked out of the second days class and never when back and they passed me that year! I actually thought it was a prank, that is why I attended a second class! I am not enen going to talk about the Negro English teacher.... For shame! LOLOLOL
    • sowhat_vid_me parent reply It is Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. It is a planned and controlled invasion of the UN/EU. Here is the link
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