The Future of Fun

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  • [ – ] ScarlettOrchidd reply The new artwork is very nice. And glad to see and greater focus on Vidme. I know it may be small atm but I think it's also a chance for content creators to get an audience they couldn't before. I probably watch about 10+ hours of skeptic community videos a week over the past couple months and you have never been shown to me in any recommendations though as soon as I joined vidme I found you within an hour. Must say enjoying your content, cannot wait to see more. :)
    • Hayesenberg parent reply If Vidme stay true to their words (at least what I've seen in comment sections, which the staff actually respond. Nice change of pace from YouTube) this might be one of the few places to go to post videos that aren't put in a video purgatory or have a chance of being promoted in anyway.
  • [ – ] WendyB reply I missed this video going over the new avi. Not a very good stalker, lol.
  • [ – ] Carm3D reply Congrats on the new artwork.
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