Weekly Round-up: Google, General Mattis, North Korea & More

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  • sowhat_vid_me reply I like these pigs, they are funny.
  • ErinElizabeth reply I love your farm. I wish I was your neighbor!! I would be over everyday playing with the piglets.
  • Dragoku reply Trump is just like a new Captain of an old three-mast ship, as a sailor myself, I know that a ship cannot be run by one person, it needs a crew, and if the huge team (or crew) is not well communicating in accordance to their specific tasks something might totally go wrong… thus everyone should work together to get that ship sailing smoothly, no matter how bad the storm tries to sink it, no matter how bad the weather is, keep it afloat and heading into the right shores.. and - most of all get the pirates out!
  • Dragoku reply These neighbors don't like it because they are jealous and incompetent to be self-reliant to feed themselves..... I'd call them Mosanto sheep...
  • [ – ] slimjimpui reply Moxilla (firefox) just accepted a subsidy from Soros. They are now compromised and are cracking down on what they call "fake news" I recommend Pale Moon as a web browser alternative
    • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 parent reply Thanks I saw that too on hammer 666. Usually I don't have time to watch Vidmes, but this sunday I spent a good amount of time watching some, thanks for sharing! Keep sharing every bit of new news helps everybody!
    • ResistanceChicks777 parent reply See "sowhat vidme" on Europe GNO ships "Defend Europe" ships are stopping the GNO ships! share that with hammer666
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