LiEat [Blind] #1 - The Lie Eating Dragon

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  • Jawee52 reply @Tibasu Cool thanks! I'll look into giving it a try :) Just like you, I adore the art style and also what I saw of the characters so far :D
  • Tibasu reply @Jawee52 It comes with 3 storylines which take maybe around 2-3 hours each depending on how much you spend talking to NPCs or if you happen to get a bad ending.
  • Tibasu reply I completely forgot to add the game's download link in the description. Thanks for reminding me :D and I actually do recommend you play it for yourself first because it's actually an amazing experience.
  • Jawee52 reply Is this like an RPG Maker game? You should link to the game in your description :) BTW It seems really cool, but I feel like I wanna play it for myself before watching you play it haha xD But if not I'll be back to finish it soon!
  • Jawee52 reply @Tibasu awesome! is it very long? I have loads of games that I'm already trying to play lol so if it's too long I may just watch the story without playing it.
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