Content Creator Challenge - Help Your fellow Creators

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  • SYMPLMedia reply Great video man. couldn't agree with you more on what you said about small content creators helping each other out & appreciate the shout out :)
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply It;s people like you that make it seem so much friendlier here . And you are right , I will start giving shout outs in my videos
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply I believe in creators being mutually reciprocating: comment for comment, upvote for upvote, follow for follow, etc... However, I feel there's so many shout-out vids and, no disrespect intended, I just don't them compelling enough to watch. Plus we can already feature friends on our home page. I think a more useful approach would be a genuine collaboration. To me, every video on a creator's channel should be all about whatever the premise of their channel is. What's more, I think it could be helpful if creators started a Facebook messenger thread (not a regular post or a group since those get nearly no engagement on Facebook anymore) or an email list (could be done on Wix) to help promote small channels. It could be called Team Help The Small Channels or something like that. Anyway, nice to meet you on Vidme ITSnippets.
    • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply I've never heard of Wix *laughs* and I think FB messenger would be unmanagable after a certain time due to people just spamming it :/ Nice to meet you too :)
      • CreatorsThinkingCritically parent reply I think Wix is only valuable for their email list/newsletter feature. Unless a creator wants an email list or to sell products or services, I find websites otherwise useless.
  • [ – ] ccoutdoors1 reply Totally agree with this....YouTube is a huge platform. Smaller youtubers don't have a chance.
    • ITSnippets parent reply My channel may have some more beginner youtube tips (That have helped me) Or information like my stream settings or microphone comparison recently. This is why a facebook group would be a good idea take the content of the single platform. Share it, share tips and share each others videos. No one has actually added the facebook link yet.. so I guess no one else seems the potential LOL.
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