Anime Community #5: The Internet Effect (2014 version)

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  • [ – ] crzyboy190 reply What did he do to Uberhikari?
    • [ – ] ThatAnimeSnob parent reply The same thing he did to dozens of others by order of FW. He made troll accounts and was constantly harassing him in the comments with all kinds of slurs. The anime mafia at its finest.
      • Natanahel parent reply Now i picture FW as a mafia boss, abducting dakimakuras and trafficking unlocalized mangas.
      • silverdragon parent reply That was in the anime mafia days. When he was friends with forneverworld and bleachfanatic. Double4anime now is just a crazy guy.
  • Iannis_Hour reply (other subject) Any thoughts on LOG HORIZON ?
  • Nathan0Valley reply Double4 is cancer lol
  • silverdragon reply Double4anime is the vegan gains of this community with stupid fake clickbait videos.
  • Natanahel reply And one year after double4anime's video DBS began airing, with more than 100 episodes as of today.
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