Hara Kano part 6 Yuichi's Mom Is Really Weird

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  • [ – ] DarkJedi909 reply If someone had held onto your old vids for you, would you re-upload them? Because I could have held them for you.
    • [ – ] Solitarygamer2 parent reply Thank you for offering to help, probably not, The people who came over to vidme and dailymotion were viewers who really enjoy my videos so they probably watched my videos already. I just want to provide new playthrough for the viewers. As if I reupload them, probably no one would watch them as they aleady watch it. But again, thank you for commenting on my videos in general and supporting me.
      • [ – ] DarkJedi909 parent reply But then again, there would other people who did not watch or have time to watch your older playthroughs. I never finished Maman Kyoushitsu.
        • [ – ] Solitarygamer2 parent reply I will definitely start working on the videos again then. Again thank you for offering to help. Expect to see more playthroughs once I reach 50 followers on vidme. Like I said there is a upload restriction until I get 50 real followers. Sorry, I just couldn't be calm when there was a person going around flagging my videos. If I work hard I could probably get most of my old playthoughs up by November.
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